Influencer Marketing in theory & practice

Finding the right influencer for a brand, company or product? Nothing could be easier. Influencer marketing agencies bring you together with exactly the right influencers. They accompany you from the idea to the development of the overall concept to the reporting of your individually adapted online campaign. But why is it worthwhile to look for the right cooperation partner for a brand or product message?

Influencer marketing is so effective because influencers have expert status or a role model function in their fanbase. Accordingly, they can quickly spread advertising messages in their community and translate them into trustworthy opinions and recommendations of services. Social media makes it possible: Through channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube, people learn everything about trends, tips and top topics through so-called opinion makers. And they do so in the fastest and, unlike classic commercials, often uncut way.

In search of inspiration, the young audience between 16 and 26 follows Vloggers, Bloggers and Instagrammers online. For example, when influencers wear a brand new pair of shoes. Prefer a certain car brand. Or when travelling, taking along a special suitcase and posting something on their channels. These impressions are perceived by the communities. The influencer expresses that he likes the product and recommends it directly or indirectly.

Advertising or trust?

This so-called brand awareness, which is created for the fans and followers of influencers, is not the only advantage of influencer marketing. The potential purchase decision is also made easier and often even strengthened. By having the same or similar interests with the advertiser, followers get the feeling that a product also suits them well. Product trends are almost daily changing, so this emotional bond is now the be-all and end-all in marketing. Compared to classic advertising instruments such as testimonial advertising, Influencer Marketing is far more authentic and credible. The use can be experienced almost live and at first glance is not subject to any strategic advertising principles. Conclusion: The consumer’s trust in the brand ambassador is automatically transferred to the product presented by him and the brand behind it.

Thanks to this phenomenon, companies are able to build or improve their corporate image and thus rapidly increase their level of awareness. The advertising message can be presented in particular through authentic and lively storytelling: The consumer is stimulated to buy the products shown by experience or experience reports.

According to the experience of influencer marketing agencies and statistical evaluations, Instagram is one of the most popular and efficient platforms for influencer marketing. Here, influencers have the opportunity to film themselves live, e.g. while trying out a cosmetic product, and record this in their stories and highlights. The community also has the feeling of being very close to a person with a high awareness factor. They can write an influencer privately with one click and react to content with comments. Multiplier effects result from the high interaction and resonance rate of the followers: The advertising person has an opinion influencing effect and messages spread almost by themselves.

Finding the right influencer

But how do you find the right influencer? This task is facilitated by an influencer marketing agency that creates a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy based on careful analyses of and with companies and brands. The focus here is on seriousness: product placement and surreptitious advertising have a negative impact on the image, as do the increasing number of cooperations without a red thread or authentic connection to one’s own channel. Rather it concerns the perfectly adapted communication with the respective target group and naturally: trustworthiness.

Ideal influencers do not shine primarily by high ranges, but above all by just mentioned neutrality and authenticity, on which professional influencer marketing agencies pay close attention. First and foremost it should be about recognition, reputation and a close dialogue with the consumer and not about the most paid sponsorship.

Opinion makers who prefer to have a small but very loyal community – so-called micro influencers – offer added value through high interaction rates with their fans and high credibility in their very own areas. Influencer marketing agencies do not aim to get hold of as many likes or shares as possible, but to generate an actual reach and thus optimize corporate communication in a sustainable way.

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