EnBW x Instawalk

Looking at an energy giant from a new perspective – 0711 Digital allows young talents a look behind the scenes at EnBW in Stuttgart.

The energy supply company EnBW, which has around 20,000 employees, is constantly looking for new talent. In order to attract the attention of young people in particular to the company’s exciting trainee program, EnBW, in cooperation with 0711 Digital, has invited people to take part in an Instawalk through perhaps the most exciting workplaces in the region.

At this Instawalk, 11 influencers with a passion for detailed and lifelike photography had numerous opportunities to collect images and impressions for their Instagram channels. However, there were more than just machines and concrete deserts to examine. On closer look, the Stuttgart gas boiler or the Altbach power plant near Plochingen are more than just striking building complexes in the Swabian landscape. Not to mention the versatile and centrally located training center at Stöckach.


Visual temptations for the new generation

Instagrammers and photographers such as frankfox13, enkaspass, brueggemann or juliasangnguyen spent a whole day taking a look behind the scenes of power production, looking over the shoulder of trainees and enjoying the sunset from the gas boiler. In the process, many breathtaking impressions around the field of activity of an EnBW employee were created.

The aim was to make as many young people as possible aware of EnBW’s comprehensive range of training and career opportunities. As a result, 60 photos were published under the hastags #changeofperspective, #wirmachendasschon and #enbw, thus reaching over 27,000 interactions through the channels of the influencers. All participants of the Instawalk together achieved a total reach of 320 000 and created 600 000 impressions for future EnBW talents!

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