Influencers test Innogy SmartHome-Products

The technical details of Innogy SmartHome products were simply explained by influencers. The products in innogy’s online store were sold out for Christmas due to the great success of the campaign.

In December 2018, Innogy’s “Experience what your home can do” campaign was launched with a total of 13 influencers from a wide variety of fields.

The aim of the campaign was to increase awareness and sales of the SmartHome product range of innogy. This campaign was implemented as a promotion in which the products were made available to the influencers for testing.

This resulted in many very different postings, in which each influencer breathed his own style into the use of the products. By starting the campaign during the Christmas season and using a broad target group, the campaign was a complete success! The products even sold out completely at times in their online store in December.

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