o2 Banking x Mommy Blogger

Influencercampaign with blogger Sara Kristin for the product launch of the O2 Banking App.

Mommy Blogger? What sounds like reports on baby food, baby carriages and family celebrations, is a varied combination of fashion, lifestyle and fitness for young and old with Sara Kristin.

Of course, her family is not to be left out. Whether it’s Sundays, Christmas, declarations of love or vacations – Sara Kristin definitely has a knack for balancing family, leisure and blogging. That’s not the only reason why 0711 Digital, on behalf of o2, invited her to the launch of the o2 Banking App for a campaign to create an exciting entertainment package for children with the Debit Mastercard.

The blogger from Schwäbisch Gmünd, who not only deals with everyday life involving family and children in her Instagram posts and YouTube videos, is also a nutrition and fitness enthusiast and the proud owner of a fashion line. She is even the creator and publisher of a children’s book for which her pug Count Yoster served as a model. With such impressive versatility, Sara is perfect for a product that can simplify shopping for the whole family, not just for mothers.

For the campaign accompanying the launch of the o2 Banking App, she let her followers experience how she bought a package for kids via an Instagram story, which was later also available for a prize draw. Included was a portable DVD player, the films “Pets” and “Arlo & Spot”, tea, popcorn and headphones – everything you need for long journeys in the car or when the kids are more interested in colorful animated characters instead of the new romantic comedy movie.

Reflecting the campaign, Sara took her followers into the world of the o2 Banking App while shopping and drawing prizes. She explained all functions in advance and demonstrated in her Instagram Stories how easy it is to pay with the app and card. Mothers can do anything, right?

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