o2 Banking x Reyst

The young globetrotter Anton alias Reyst has chosen the extremely picturesque Elb Sandstone Mountains in the Czech Republic for his upcoming film shoot. He brought the o2 credit card and the banking app with him, which allowed him to do a smooth location scouting.

In the fall of last year, Reyst went on a location tour for new film shots with a handheld camera, drone, his bus Bob and his friend Pascal. Reyst is making his first film, which is intended to help the young YouTuber make professional progress instead of constantly producing new videos for his channel.

In his video series from the Czech Elbe Sandstone Mountains, Reyst not only shows us enchanted forests, but also how convenient it is to use credit cards on his travels and how much added value the o2 Banking App with the corresponding debit mastercard offers. The free-of-charge use pays off literally, especially in countries with foreign currencies.

By the way, watching the video to the end is worth it: after a long search, Reyst and his filming companion finally come across the long-awaited waterfall landscape in the middle of the Czech province, which takes our breath away.

Content Manager Maximilian Zeibig from Telefónica has already commented, on the philosophy behind the Influencer Marketing at o2 in which 0711 Digital was responsible for putting fashionistas in the shopping ring in various cities for Telefonica: “We want to break new ground, not limit ourselves thematically and offer users content that generates real interest. Brand or product communication is integrated and does not have to be delivered with a club”.

And this is exactly how it feels when you watch the video of Reyst. With his impressive voice, he describes recordings that require hours of walking through cold and wet landscapes or stopping at unusual accommodations. We are excited about his first real film!

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