Weightless with the new Under Armour HOVR

Launch event for the new running shoe “HOVR” of the brand Under Armour.
Million Reach

Under Armour is associated with qualities like willpower, competitive spirit and passion. The new HOVR running shoe is further associated with lightness, comfort and design. To show the special features of the new running shoe to the world, we used our supreme discipline: Influencer Marketing.

Before the shoe was first presented to the public at the Launch Event, some sports-affine influencers, such as the actress and passionate runner Valentina Pahde, had the opportunity to present the shoe to their users in an Unboxing video and to exclusively test it.

The “Turbinenhalle” in Berlin made every athlete’s heart beat faster at the official launch event, during which each of the 200 invited guests received a pair of the super light HOVRs.

The guests had the opportunity to test their new sneakers in a vertical run alongside trampolines and running tracks at lofty heights.

The campaign was extended via instagram stories and numerous social media postings and some insights of the evening were shared with over 1.1 million followers. With more than 248,000 interactions, the campaign was a complete success, causing demand to skyrocket in no time.

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