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Influencer Marketing Agency
Influencer Marketing Agency
Influencer Marketing Agency


Authentic communication in today’s age of fast moving media and short attention spans is difficult.



Affiliate marketing from person to person. A customer who is willing to buy and receives a recommendation will usually follow it.

Our Customers

What our customers say

“Here you will find the perfect mixture of comprehensive professional advice and high social competence. People who are passionate about the brand and product and who put their heart and soul into their work. We have always fought together for the best result. From a personal and professional point of view, you will find a partner at eye level in every aspect. It has indeed always been a great pleasure for me.”

Jana Gebicke

“In the context of the launch of the Under Armour brand in the German-speaking world, the 0711 team […] was essential, as they were responsible for all digital touch points, both conceptually and operationally. An absolute benchmark here in DACH, but also extended to topics in EMEA, especially: Community Management, Content Creation, Social Media campaigns and Influencer marketing…”

Philipp Walter

“Very competent and friendly team. If you want to give advertising with influencers a try, I can only recommend 0711!”

Alex MR

“You feel comfortable and well looked after here. A cool team with lots of experience and fun at work. The cooperation with 0711 is top notch!”

Jan Schuttenberg

Our offer

Austin Distel

Strategy consulting

We will analyse your company and your products in regard of suitable influencer marketing campaigns. We will advise you in detail about which channels, with which influencers and in which intensity a campaign makes sense for your individual case. We will also develop a modern and authentic social media strategy for you and tell you what results you can expect on the different platforms.

influencer marketing kampagnen

Influencer-marketing campaign

We will identify the perfect opinion leaders and multipliers for our clients and negotiate ideal conditions for both sides. Influencer marketing means more to us than just placing media budget, but also targeted integration into the communication. This is the only way we can achieve an image change and positive evaluations of brands and products. We basically never work without a concept, which is why we rely on comprehensive concepts and briefings based on an agreed strategy.

Influencer Marketing agency


Our employees make your company fit for a long-term and solid cooperation with influencers. Together we will find the right opinion leaders for your products and we will help you to establish these contacts and lay out the foundation for a long-term cooperation. We will also help you to find out on which platform your target group spends most of their time and how you can set up your own social media game in a solid way to guarantee long-term success.

We did influencer marketing long before influencers where a thing.

Most people think influencer marketing is quite simple – bloggers wanted, money in and bang! – the whole thing goes virally. Wrong thought! We do not plan Influencer campaigns as further possibilities in order to massively burn media budget. We rely on sustainable cooperations between influencers and companies and cultivate our contacts with the utmost care. Identification with the brand, the products and services plays an important role in making communication credible and successful.

Our mission is to establish Influencer marketing as an effective and authentic communication channel in every marketing activity. We find the right cooperation partner for your campaigns in order to reach the ideal target group without detours. Thus we create unforgettable, strong marketing campaigns, in which the target group is not only expanded by influencers, but conquered.

Some of our customers are Under Armour, Mercedes Benz, die Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart, die Oettinger Brauerei, HelloFresh and many more.

Discover our cases and services!

Influencer Marketing agency


After your inquiry we will first take a close look at your company and your products. Which strategy is best suited? Which channels will allow us to reach your target group and which opinion leaders offer the greatest chance of success?

Once the first step has been taken, it is time to implement the campaigns in the appropriate networks and with the right influencers. We don’t just think from one posting to the next, but our goal is to build the contacts and cooperations with the influencers on solid ground in order to achieve long-term and continuous success.

Of course, we are in constant contact with you, report on the success, our campaign has achieved and, if necessary, we will correct the course very agilely. You will always have an overview of where and how your products are advertised and what our strategy for the future looks like.

To answer this question, we have to take a step back and find the right social network for your individual case first. All products and companies have their own niche. One thing is for sure: Every niche has its opinion leaders, no matter if it is sports, agriculture, finance, food, gaming or something else.

Our network of influencers, artists and entertainers has been growing and flourishing since 1996 – long before the term “influencer” was even used. Since then, we have built up such a broad network of contacts so that we have the right people for almost every situation or can quickly and easily establish new contacts.

Our prices for setting up and maintaining campaigns are calculated according to the hourly rates of our employees, which is quite usual in the industry. Our many years of experience enable us to estimate the total expenditure very accurately and thus provide you with a transparent overview of the expected costs in advance.

Sure, there is nothing to stop you from going into the research yourself, searching different networks for appropiate opinion leaders and asking them to work with you. But you will soon find out that this results in a full-time job which can cost a lot of nerves.

0711 has been working with influencers for almost 25 years now. We not only have the necessary experience to work out the best conditions for both sides but we also have a network that has grown over the years, enabling us to have very agile and uncomplicated cooperations, built on solid ground.

Furthermore, it is our task as an agency to keep an eye on all the market chagnes. Whenever the relevance of a person drops or new players enter the field, we notice it immediately, we react to it and thus keep your campaign constantly successful.

Usually, influencers are paid for each posting on one of the individual networks. In most cases, a certain contingent of posts is booked in advance for a given period of time.

If you have products to be advertised, the influencers need those as well, of course. It is entirely up to you if those products stay with the influencer or will be returned to you once the campaign ends.

It depends on the objectives set at the beginning of the campaign or during the conception phase. On the one hand, reach, impressions, likes, comments and sentiment can be measured. On the other hand, the conversions. We will determine how much turnover or downloads were generated. To measure conversions, we use tracking links, discount codes or affiliate platforms.

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    Address your target group quickly and directly using authentic content with your Influencer Marketing Agency

    Within online marketing, social media is increasingly coming to the fore – and with it the influencers. Their role model function can be used efficiently by companies in every industry to become known to a wide audience. The employees of our Influencer Marketing Agency ensure that you will make the best use of all the possibilities of this creative online marketing area and that you have a lasting positive influence on the purchasing behaviour of your target group.

    Influencer marketing – authentic people as effective advertising media

    Due to the great flood of information on the Internet, users are paying less and less attention to classic online advertising. Instead, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat rule the world of media. Accordingly, the opinions of people who share reports from their private lives with the public on social media channels and express their opinions on specific topics are becoming increasingly important in online marketing. Influencers do not necessarily have to enjoy celebrity status in order to reach many people and serve as role models. Accordingly, influencers are used as testimonials by countless companies – just like stars. They create reviews about new products, wear selected brands or use certain services. Everything that influencers do or how they shape their lives is highly interesting for their followers.

    Influencer marketing, as a sub-sector of online advertising, makes targeted use of this to present new products via such personalities or to excite potential new customers for the image of the company. It is therefore a strategy that can be defined as a hybrid between classic advertising and recommendations from friends or acquaintances.

    Influencer marketing agency: find the right influencers

    No matter in which industry or niche market your company is located, the right influencers, bloggers and pinners can always be found. It is crucial that they correspond one hundred percent to the image of your brand, the style of your shop as well as your products or services – and can therefore deliver content that is relevant and interesting for your target group. That’s why more and more companies are choosing to work with an influencer marketing agency. The specialists of our Influencer Marketing Agency support our customers in making the right pick from a pool of influencers. Cooperation with micro and nano influencers has proven to be particularly effective. Such personalities build up a more personal relationship with their followers and thus appear much more trustworthy than the macro-influencers with their five- or six-digit follower numbers. As your influencer marketing agency, we will find the right influencers who are credible specialists in the area of interest relevant to your company and have a high engagement rate.

    The employees of our influencer marketing agency work closely with you to develop marketing concepts based on creative influencer relations. The first step of the Project development takes place after detailed discussions with the client to define the brand, industry and target group in order to find the ideal influencers and bloggers. As an influencer marketing agency, we act as a mediator and link between companies and social media personalities. Central aspects of the work of our influencer marketing agency are a precise knowledge of the latest social media trends, comprehensive market research activities and the creation of attractive and creative content with the right influencers.

    Your influencer marketing agency for clever marketing campaigns

    By working with our influencer marketing agency, you can rely on integral marketing strategies to retain customers with the help of well-known personalities and credible stories – optimally tailored to your needs. The big advantage of working with our influencer marketing agency is the enormous cost efficiency and reach of your marketing campaign. The influencers that we select with you take over the production of the content for the most part themselves. Based on the briefing created by our experts, they produce and distribute exactly the content that makes your brand known to your target group. With influencers that we tailor to their interests, we develop advertising strategies that address potential consumers directly and personally – without the wastage of classic online advertising or the costs that arise for expensive campaigns with stars.