Smart ideas with innogy SmartHome

smart ideas lamps innogy
A cooperation with interior bloggers who implemented clever DIY projects and used innogy SmartHome products.
smart ideas lamps innogy

2019 – The year of the smartest DIY hacks. The campaign “Smart Ideas with innogy SmartHome” at innogy was also all about Do It Yourself.

For the first time, the company started a cooperation with interior bloggers who implemented their own small DIY projects during the campaign. The challenge: cleverly integrate the innogy SmartHome products into the projects. In that way the communities of bloggers not only received different DIY inspirations for their own homes, but were also easily made aware of the different SmartHome products.

By using swipe-up links in the Instagram Stories and discount codes under the postings on the Influencer accounts, interested fans could order the products directly online. Throughout the campaign, the bloggers published various stories and postings in which one could follow the assembly of the DIY tutorials. The postings of the Influencer were additionally promoted with the help of dark ads.

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